What Should You Be Doing Right Now to Protect Against Winter Damage?

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Gutter Cleaning Woodinville Winterize Your Home.It’s been a beautiful summer here in the Pacific Northwest. One of the hottest many of us can remember. But, now the days are growing shorter and the nights colder. Fall color is starting to peek through from the maples scattered amongst all of our beautiful Northwest evergreens.

It’s time to follow the wise example of the squirrels in my backyard who are scampering everywhere to find nuts to store in preparation for the winter ahead. Like our grey furred friends, it’s time to think ahead to winter and what we need to do to prepare for it.

At Aadams Tree and Landscaping we have 35 years of experience in Pacific Northwest winters and the havoc they can wreck. What do we recommend you should be doing now as a homeowner to protect your home, family and neighborhood?

Check the trees around your home for potentially dangerous or damaging situations.
Large trees or trees with large overhanging branches too close to your home or your neighbor’s home, or nearby utility lines are potentially damaging and even dangerous to people and property. We see news reports every year of high winds and heavy snow that bring down branches or entire trees that damage homes, garages, or cars. Removing these potential threats now can save you money and headaches in the long run.

Check your gutters for clogs, leaks or breaks.
 Although we don’t experience significant snowfall every winter here in the Northwest, one thing we can always expect to deal with is heavy rain and ice. When gutters are clogged because of debris and leaves they can cause major problems for a homeowner. Debris left in gutters is the perfect home for carpenter ants who would love to move into your warm home for the winter. Water backing up in clogged gutters and downspouts will cause moisture damage and rot to the wood on your home. Cleaning your gutters can protect your home and yard from damage.

Check the condition of your roof and look for any indoor stains or mold that indicates leaks.
Between summer sun and winter rain and ice, roofs in the Northwest take a real beating. It’s very important to check the condition of your roof each season. Look for water stains in the ceiling or unexplained mold that may indicate a leak. Inspect your roof material for cracks, worn places, or bubbling that may indicate trapped moisture. Fixing these problems as soon as they are detected can save the usefulness and longevity of your roof.

Preparing for the winter ahead can definitely save you time, money and stress. The experienced crew at Aadams Tree and Landscaping can help you deal with any challenge quickly and safely. Whether you need tree removal, roof repair or gutter cleaning in Woodinville, Kirland or King County, we pride ourselves on fast, reliable services that people can trust. (We also provide 24 hour emergency tree service and snow removal for those unexpected surprises.)

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