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Winter is finally over! You’re itching for your yard and garden to spring to life and you spot your neighbor pulling out his pruning shears. Should you be, too?

The Time to Trim

It’s a new season—one that makes landscaping in Woodinville, WA an exciting time! It may seem natural that you’d “freshen-up” your shrubs and trees by giving them a brand-new haircut. But hold on a second!

Tree True-or-False Trivia

Here’s a little true-or-false quiz to see if you’re ready to take up those shears:

Pruning a tree or shrub while it’s showing signs of budding or flowering is good.

False. Spring-flowering shrubs or trees should be pruned very soon after their blossom period has ended (late spring/summer). This gives them the maximum time to make new growth, on which you will get next spring’s flowers.

You can never prune a tree too much, it just promotes new growth.

False. Removing living material from the tree decreases its ability to feed itself. Also, cutting branches creates wounds that the tree must use energy to heal. Therefore, over-pruning the tree will negatively impact growth, so use care!

In general, you should prune when plants are in their dormant or resting period.

True. The usual time chosen is late winter or very early spring. Cuts will then have a long time in which to heal before the following winter.

All shrubs and trees basically can be trimmed in the same way.

False. Just as humans come in different shapes and sizes, so do trees. Knowing what the tree is genetically programmed to look like will help in deciding what branches to cut and where.

Know Your Shrubs & Trees!

As they say, timing is everything. Pruning shears will do wonders for shaping, removing dead and diseased wood, and encouraging new growth from your trees and shrubs. These can offer beauty, privacy and protection–so take the time to have your yard enhanced into a little spring and summer oasis.

For the last 35 years, Aadams Tree & Landscaping has thrived and flourished much like the trees and shrubs they care for. Contact our landscaping experts for Woodinville, WA today and reap the benefits of a gorgeous yard that will stand out in your community.


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